Life Church Bath Online Church

Although we may not be physically meeting in The Forum building every Sunday morning, we, the people, are still the church!

We will continue to use our technology and our creative gifts to stay connected during this time by filming video messages, updates and songs to ensure that a mixture of worship and word remains available online each Sunday morning and beyond. 

There is the opportunity to gather fortnightly from January 2021 at The Forum. Head on over to our Sunday Morning Meetings page to find out more and to sign up.

These are now being live streamed on Missed it? Catch up via our YouTube channel.  By joining in the live streaming of our Sunday morning meetings via you are also able to request prayer, and chat to one another.

In addition to Sunday morning Church at Home meetings online we are adding other gatherings or resources regularly. Please navigate to each event under 'What's On' at the top of the page, and check the 'Resources' section of the website, also found at the top at the page. Thank you.

Take a look back at the highlights from the last 15 weeks!


Keep praying for one another! If you need extra prayer support contact your Life Group Leader; if you are not in a Life Group, consider joining one! Head over to the page that lists all the Life Groups and pick one! 

God has not stopped working! Please send in your testimonies of what is God doing in your life right now. Head over to the Testimonies page and let us know and we will find ways to share this with the rest of the Church Family. 

It is still possible to have a Bethel Sozo session by Skype or Zoom. Head over to the sozo page for more information.

It is also still possible to receive prophetic encouragement and dream interpretation. Whilst we are unable to offer face-to-face appointments, the prophetic team are really keen to offer virtual slots to strengthen, comfort and encourage. You can also book in for dream interpretation. Sign up here The team will co-ordinate together, record the prophetic words or dream interpretations and send them to you. You could always ask someone if you can put their name down - especially those in our family who are doing such a brilliant job as frontline workers or perhaps those who are unwell or isolated. 

To connect at this time with us please email