A2 Festival 

For youth aged 11 - 18 (in key stages 3, 4 & 5)

2 August 2021, Lox Lane Retreat Centre, Shaftesbury


What is the A2 Festival?

We have all endured over a year of restriction and separation. For many this has been painful, lonely and has come with personal loss. A barrage of complex issues and questions bombard young people from sunrise to sundown. Self-harm, anorexia, anxiety and depression among  young people are at an all-time high. We believe that now, God wants his turn - that God wants to flood in and call this precious generation back to himself. A generation who long deeply for Jesus and desire to see him revealed on the earth.

We believe that now is the time, as things are opening up, to invite young people to come together this summer in an environment where they can have loads of fun and connect with others, whilst having a life-changing experience with God.

To book please follow this link.

A2 (youth workers from congregations across Bath) has partnered with a team from Prayerhouse Weymouth and  Fathers House Shaftesbury to plan this event