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Life Groups


Life Groups are the heart and soul of Life Church Bath and an essential part of our spiritual growth. Following Jesus is about being a disciple, an apprentice. Large gatherings are great for the corporate times of worship and hearing inspiring teaching and preaching but discipleship happens best in smaller gatherings. In addition, on a normal Sunday morning we can have over 450 people worshiping at Life Church Bath, so it can be easy to get a little lost. Life groups help bring a greater sense of community and the context for those communities is mission. That mission is to change the world through changing lives, one at a time.

We have recognised that small groups, averaging 12 people per group, are a critical part to effectively achieve our vision to build a radical, relevant church that empowers people to express God's heart, fulfil their dreams and change the world.

We have  a variety of Life Groups that meet in Bath, Bathford, Chippenham, Corston,  Faulkland, Monkton Combe, Combe Hay,  Peasedown St John, Radstock, Trowbridge and Warminster.

Joining a Life Group

We encourage everyone who has made Life Church Bath their home church to join a Life Group. Take a look at all the Life Groups on this page. Choose one or two that you'd like to explore and someone will be in touch with you.

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