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Generosity is a key value to the Life Church Bath family. We have an amazingly generous Father in heaven who pours out his unrestrained love to us. So when it comes to reflecting His nature, we do it in our words, our actions and our finances. 

Our heart is to sow out constantly to further enable the expansion of the Kingdom. We have story after story of needs that have been met from financial provision. 

This is your opportunity to partner with us in the extension of the Kingdom from this place. We promise to steward your gifts to the ministry with wisdom and integrity, and we believe that every penny you give is a seed sown into our collective aim of the extension of the glorious kingdom of Jesus.

We pray that the Father in Heaven will bless you in greater measure - you can never out-give God.

Information on ways to give can be found hereunsplash-image-jfbMODLPrQ0