What we believe

We believe that children are not just the Church of tomorrow but also the Church of today. We want each child to know their value in God, His love for them and to recognise and use the gifts and abilities that He has given them.

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What's on offer on a Sunday

We offer a vibrant Children's Ministry that operates every week during the Sunday meeting allowing them to encounter God in a context designed specifically for them.

We have a room for mums and their new babies, up until about 1 year old. The meeting is relayed here so you need not miss out whilst you feed your baby or change their nappy.

We then have 3 groups: Firecrackers for 1 - 3 year olds; Sparklers for 3 - 5 year olds and Rockets for 5 - 11 year olds, run by volunteers.

What happens

Each children's group follows a biblical teaching programme in age appropriate ways. In teaching from the Bible, our emphasis is not about knowing the stories but uncovering the truths and principles contained within them.

Our desire is that the children come to know God - Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit - and not simply know about Him, and that they develop their own relationship with Him, experiencing His power, His love, His good plans, His interest in the day to day of their lives.

All children start in the Auditorium for about 30 minutes, worshipping with the rest of the church family and then an announcement will be made, or a notice will appear on the screen, when it is time for the children to go to their groups, where they stay, on average, for an hour.

Registering your child

Please head on over and register your child so we have his / her details ahead of you arriving in The Forum. Thank you.

Outside of a Sunday Morning

Stay and Play happens fortnightly on a Monday morning from 10am - 11.30am in The Forum for parents, carers and your under 5's - babies, toddlers and preschool children. Lots of free play, time to chat and meet people, story time and craft time are all part of 'Stay and Play'. Check out the calendar for dates of when we are meeting.

We run regular events for families throughout the year. Watch this space!


Life Group Leaders EmmaFor more information contact the Children's and Families' Pastor, Emma Broome


We believe that children and youth should be safe and to that end take all matters of safeguarding seriously. Please see our Safeguarding Policies here.  For more information contact the Safeguarding Coordinator, Rosie Sherwin