Setting Your House In Order 

Tuesdays 20th and 27th June, 7.30pm

This 2 week course will look at essential estate planning and important family issues. Including insightful case studies and essential check lists.  We guarantee that you will find this challenging but enlightening. 

A church leader said of this course: "The Bible is full of practical wisdom and guidance encompassing all aspects of life… and death is the very last thing that the writers of the Bible were frightened of!  I believe Setting Your House In Order helps us to steward our plans, our relationships and our resources really well."

The course is invaluable for anyone with children and those considering their future planning and wishing to leave their house in order.

Led by Mark Lloydbottom, Setting Your House In Order is based on his 40 years experience as an adviser and Executor.  

All attendees will receive a 52 page study guide complete with a range of checklists.


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