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We are so encouraged when we see God moving and when we hear of what God has done in people's lives. It encourages faith in all of us and helps us to press in to God for more!

If you have a testimony of something God has done for you please let us know! It could be a physical healing, a breakthrough in an area of your life, financial provision - anything where God had done something for you and you want to testify to His goodness in your life!

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Below this form are some of the testimonies that have been sent in. Do read them and be encouraged!
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Our Testimonies

Ruth, 7 May 2020

I sprained my ankle really badly on day 2 of the lockdown and was on crutches/zimmer for a while. Eventually after 5 weeks it was more or less better but every step I took the ankle "pulled", not painfully but I was conscious of taking every step.
Last week I was walking along and I remembered that years ago in healing meetings people prayed the shock of the injury off people and I also remembered Carol Arnott always making sure that people forgave themselves. I had kept thinking how stupid I was to just step off a curb and sprain this ankle so badly so knew I needed to do that! I sort of half prayed and thought at home I would do a proper prayer for both those things, but once home got involved elsewhere and didn't do it. However the next day I was walking along and realised the pulling sensation on the ankle had gone and there was a great improvement, so much so that we were able to walk in the countryside the following day!
Thank you Lord; He heard even when I didn't pray "properly"!

Alan, 20 April 2020

Freedom from fear: 2 short testimonies of how I overcame fear with God's help.
1. I became a fearless flyer! After many years of being terrified about flying I decided to do The Fearless Flyer Course at Bristol Airport and this was over 2 days with an actual flight on the second day!!! I had received RTF Prayer Ministry beforehand and was ready to do the next practical step. I was so relaxed as previously I would be on medication and I would just stare into my phone the whole flight. This time I was looking out the window the whole time really enjoying the whole experience. Absolutely love flying now and can't wait to go flying again on our next Holiday!!
2. I overcame the fear of COVID-19 This was an interesting one as I am usually not a fearful person but when Coronavirus kicked in I went into Lock-down mode and I mean Lockdown! No going out of the house, no shopping just stay inside and wash everything twice. I was challenged by a good friend to step out and lose the fear and for the first time I went for a walk ( a big step). After that I felt God was pointing to something in my childhood so I sought RTF Ministry. When I was born there was an outbreak of Gastroenteritis and a baby had died in the hospital so fear spread through the hospital and I was put in isolation. God showed me that because of this childhood trauma I had adopted the same behaviour and fear and isolated myself. Through RTF Prayer Ministry I got free of this fear and now I go out shopping, walking and speak to people at a safe distance without fear. Thank you Jesus! 

Anita, 3 April 2020

Just had my check up appointment via phone with my consultant. All my bloods are normal! The ‘light chains and paraproteins’ which are the nasty naughty cells are not even showing up!! Hallelujah and Praise to the Lord!!  

Mary, 27 March 2020

I am self-employed and have been hit hard financially, like many many others, by Coronavirus and with having to wait until June for financial support from the Government. I have been praying and trusting in the Faithfulness of God, His Goodness and declaring that He keeps His Promises always and provides for every need, always! £2,500 was paid into my bank account yesterday, this will cover my rent and most of my bills for the next 3 months. I hope this encourages others who are praying for the same things, GOD WILL PROVIDE, Praise His Holy Name.

Helen, 7 September 2019

Some years ago I met with Jesus. I barely new Him but what I thought was going to be a beginning of a beautiful relationship was cut short. Because at that very same time I met the sex industry. And I headed towards the bright lights of money, glamour and sexual desire. I worked in the industry for over 6 years. At the beginning I loved it. I found it glamorous and exciting! I found myself with stupid amounts of money, beautiful clothes and the life style of the rich and famous. I was addicted. Each year I began taking more risks and doing more and more extreme things. I was loving my life. At least I thought so. It wasn't' really until 3 years of working that I became aware that I was having to drink a lot of alcohol before I had a job. I was not always picking up my phone for work but spending my money on crazy things instead. Then when I would need more money I would do a job but not until I was quite drunk. All my old friends I knew had drifted away and my only world became the sex industry. My relationships where crazy and I found it impossible to be close to anyone. I no longer knew how. As my work got crazier and crazier so did the men and women in my life. I was also putting myself into very dangerous situations whilst feeling quite numb to it all. But this was all mixed with such highs and lows. I would become deeply depressed but still continue to work in the adult industry. I would experience great highs from feeling powerful, adored and wealthy. But the highs came with such lows to the point where one evening I made an attempt to take my life. This stopped my work for the time whilst I was under doctor care but as soon as I picked up again I went straight back to. And to the exact pattern of things. Numb! I was wealthy, dangerous and numb. When I hit hit my low again I thought if I am to take my life again it must be successful I must not fail at death. Fortunately for me at that time a woman came into my life and invited me away from London and my sex industry friends and just to take some time out to rest. That was a few years back now and here I am in Bath having found your Church in Spring I have kept returning and returning. My heart is filling daily with Jesus Christ. Soon I will be overflowing with His love and wisdom. And with this overflow I wish to help others in the sex industry. I see more and more so many girls getting into it and so young. Christ has spoken to me asked me to use my experience to help care and guide other young women. My heart is filled with joy to do this and I am researching the best ways to to do just that so that I can set up the right thing and succeed in helping girls in the industry or are thinking about joining the industry. I know the highs and lows of that world. I now see it is a gift that I can bring to others and that God is with me on my new journey. And so more than anything I want to thank you Bath City Church. For without you I may not have heard God speaking to me and felt his warm embrace of forgiveness around me. Amen! 

Anne, 17 July 2019

A fall whilst on holiday in early March 2019 left me in constant pain from a neck injury. Medication prescribed by my GP, physiotherapy and daily exercises had done little to alleviate the discomfort I was experiencing both day and night. Then, towards the end of Tim Rudge’s message on the 23 June, he used the phrase ‘a pain in the neck’ and my thought was I wish the pain in my neck would go away. About two hours later, I commented to my husband that the pain in my neck had gone. Since then I have been pain free about 90% of the time. I recognise that I still have to be careful about not overdoing some things I know will to cause the pain to return, and if it does return it is at a much lower level and the discomfort is short lived. 

Stacey, 14 July 2019

Today was all about healing and I can honestly say instead of reaching for the morphine I waited and am so glad I did as Something happened today, I felt electricity run through me. Even though I had my eyes closed I was filled with light and my pain in my neck and my back went from an 8/9 to a 2/3, its now 6 hours later and I've not had morphine for the first time in ages, I feel like ive had more energy today and certainty feel like Chuck brought the healing with him. God has blessed me today.