Restoring The Foundations 

Restoring the Foundations, is a Holy Spirit led integrated approach to biblical healing ministry.

It was revealed to Chester and Betsy Kylstra that there are four key areas that can negatively effect our lives and that these are integrally intertwined: Generational Sins and Curses, (S.O.F.Cs) ;Ungodly Beliefs, (U.G.Bs); Life’s Hurts of both the Soul and the Spirit,(S.S.Hs); and Demonic Oppression, (D.O.). The Restoring the Foundations Ministry was put together by Chester and Betsy Kylstra over years of experience and Life Church Bath has people trained in this form of healing ministry. Restoring The Foundations (RTF) Ministry addresses major life issues bringing deep and permanent healing and freedom.

RTF Ministry helps with:

  • Our relationship with God, knowing Father’s Heart & intimacy with Him
  • Freedom from approval addiction
  • Freedom from sin & destructive patterns
  • Our relationship with others
  • Our God given identity and sense of worth
  • God’s provision in every area
  • Our fulfilment
  • Marriage relationships
  • Freedom from oppression
  • Physical, emotional & spiritual well-being
  • Freedom from feelings of inadequacy & shame

FORGIVENESS is the major key to Healing and Freedom in all problem areas. Forgiveness underlies each of the Ministry areas of SOFCs; UGBs; SSHs; and DO.  It is addressed through teaching and ministry. 

Restoring The Foundations has two ministry paths to help you find the healing you desire. The first is the shorter Single Issue-Focused ministry,  and the second is an extended Thorough-Format ministry.

Ministry Formats

  • Issue Focused (3 hour ministry)Ministers into a single issue, suitable within a local church as a healing programme for members
  • Thorough (15 hour ministry)Ministers into a person’s life across multiple issues and is suitable for use within a local church as a healing programme for members
  • Top-up (follows on from Thorough Ministry)Recommended follow-up sessions at 6-12month intervals following Thorough format ministry. Top-ups encourage the walking out process to bring deeper levels of healing

Issue-Focused Ministry Format

We may have one major issue that stands out in our lives; one that just seems to bring us trouble. For example, we may feel a sense of abandonment or rejection; shame, fear, anger, pain, or confusion. It may flare up in certain circumstances, or may be an on-going issue.
Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on one major issue that is troubling you. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four problem areas mentioned earlier work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply the foundational truths to each area as we listen to God for counsel and direction.

The ministry session takes approximately three hours and there is a suggested donation which will be discussed with you on application. These three hours can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an on-going burden in your life.

To apply for Issue-Focused Ministry, or for more information please contact Mike & Rowena Jacobs

Thorough-Format Ministry

Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed. There may be several issues, and some may seem to be related and others not. Thorough Format ministry examines the four areas of Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life’s Hurts, and Demonic Oppression. During the 15 hours of ministry, foundational truths are applied to each area, addressing the spiritual root causes as God graciously prepares hearts and minds to receive his love and healing.  Married couples will have a joint session at the beginning and end of the ministry time and private sessions for each of the four problem areas. The ministry content  for TFM is:

  1. Joint initial session for married couples (3 hours)
  2. Interview (3 hours)
  3. Generational Sins (3 hours)
  4. Ungodly Beliefs (3 hours)
  5. Life's Hurts (3 hours)
  6. Demonic Oppression (3 hours)
  7. Joint concluding session for married couples (3 hours)                                              

To apply for Thorough-Format RTF Ministry please contact David & Liz Ayton, HHN RTF Ministers.  There is a set charge for Thorough Format ministry.

RTF Ministry can be done via ‘face to face’ in the home of the couple providing ministry or via zoom.  Once a date has been arranged , you will be asked to complete a form by the couple ministering to you. This can be completed online and returned to the couple ministering to you. If preferred, the form can be completed on a paper copy (hard copy) and mailed back to the ministering  couple at their home address. 
RTF Ministry values confidentiality very highly and everything written or spoken is completely confidential between the Ministry Receiver and the Ministering couple.

For further reading

“An Integrated Approach to Biblical Healing Ministry” - Chester and Betsy Kylstra, Sovereign World, 2003

To find the above book and other RTF Teachings and Resources, please go to the Restoring The Foundations Website and press the UK button.