Marriage Resources 

Getting Married? or know someone who is?
Or would you like your own marriage to go deeper?
If so, we have two new resources written by Life Church Bath’s own Darrell Cocup

Starting Out…marriage preparation for couples to be!

“Starting Out” teaches and provokes thought and discussion.
As a couple go through each chapter of their individual copy they’re challenged to answer and then share and discuss a series of “Thought Stops” about their beliefs, positions held and the experience of their lives so far.. Having done so, each Chapter ends with questions for them to both ask of Father God, Holy Spirit or Jesus.
Couples can work through “Starting Out” on their own, or together with whoever is helping with their Marriage Preparation.

Going Deeper
A solid marriage demands a firm foundation to be able to thrive over the years, yet so many of our marriages were based on little more than a longing for security and someone to share life with. How much did we know of each other’s life experiences, values, expectations and purpose? 

Here’s the good news! It’s never too late to dig in and secure those foundations. In “Going Deeper” you’ll find 40 daily topics for you to read and think about and then unpack and discuss together. Each day provides an opportunity to be vulnerable and to communicate at a heart level with your spouse…and then, together, with Father God. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Both available on Amazon or from 

Darrell and Anthea also offer marriage preparation based on the book 'Starting Out'. Visit the wonderfullyfree webisite to find out more.

Rosie Sherwin, 11/03/2021