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The name FOUND centres around the stories in Luke 15. We believe God is a good Father who is searching out those that are lost, in pain and dissatisfied with life, driven by extravagant love. We are the FOUND, youth that have been discovered by God and are seeking to help others find home.

Friday Nights

Each Friday night we gather as Found unless specified. Most of the time (apart from occasional socials) we gather from 7:00pm-9:00pm at St Matts Church on Widcombe hill. All are welcome from ages 11-18 (if still in full time secondary school education).

We do a range of different things on Fridays. Once a month we have “Theme Night” which is a unique social activity youth can bring their friends along to 

Twice a month we split into age specific groups for the bulk of our time and go deeper with each other and God by exploring topics and sharing life. Once a month we have A2 Nights which is an event run by the A2 team which is a city wide initiative for young people in Bath. See more on A2 below.

Sunday Sessions 

Sunday sessions run from 11:15am-12:15am in the stage basement on Sunday mornings. It’s open specifically to school years 7-9 though if you are older and would like to come please contact Tim. Older youth are encouraged to attend the main meeting at church or serve on a team.

Typically at Sunday Sessions we will play games; table tennis, air hockey and others and then hear a short talk either from leaders or on a video which will lead to a discussion and prayer. 

Youth Connect

Youth Connect is about the team connecting with the youth 1:1 once a month, where the youth can be championed and encouraged, where the youth can talk about how they are doing and the challenges they are facing. This ministry takes place in public places like coffee shops.


A2 started with a few youth leaders from different churches who committed to meet regularly and develop friendship. As our love for one another grew we then began to dream of what it could look like to see something happen for youth in our city that was bigger than one local church community. First, we started bringing all our youth together and doing a monthly youth night.
We decided to call ourselves A2 because of the profound and inspiring story of Acts 2. A community of believers who choose to be together and as a result encountered God in a way that changed everything for them personally. After that encounter (Pentecost) they began to affect the world around them but continued to live in such close proximity to one another that they “had everything in common”.
As we have continued to build friendship over the years and more leaders from other churches and youth organisations have joined our pursuit we have acknowledged different gifts and skills in each other. We have also continued to dream and listen to God about what he would like to do in our city. As a result, together, we have birthed a citywide Youth Alpha, 2 yearly youth celebrations, a youth worker breakfast and yearly banquet and continue to do our A2 nights each month.
Our Vision is to see young people emerge across the City of Bath that know who they are as unique and powerful expressions of God. 

Our mission is to encourage, facilitate and cover kingdom centred work for the sake of youth in our city and surrounding areas.

Monthly Friday Night A2 nights happen on the last Friday of the month.

Find more info here including ways you can get involved. 

Weekend away

Our weekend away is a time for youth to come away and have fun together with other youth as well as have encounters with God and grow in their relationship with him.

Our next weekend away is from Friday 29 September - Sunday 1 October . Follow this link to find out more.

Consent to join in with Found Youth Activities

If your son / daughter is aged 11 - 18 in full time education at a school or 6th form college and wishes to attend, please follow this link which will open a new page for the consent form. Thank you. 

YouTube and Social Media

Why not check out  the Found Youth YouTube channel or follow us on instagram @_foundyouth

Square Tim Rudge 1Contact the Youth Pastor

Contact Tim Rudge, Youth Pastor for more information!.


We believe that children and youth should be safe and to that end take all matters of safeguarding seriously. 
Our safeguarding policies can be found here.

Rosie Sherwin is our safeguarding co-ordinator and can be contacted on